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Locksmith in Mijas explains that bullying is and how to prevent it to be quieter.
As Mijas and professional locksmith industry are very standard keys that can be made easily if you have knowledge, in short it is a key called teacher who matches the profile of the key to your lock, you mean? the key enters but does not rotate, but depending on the skill of the thief and saviendo use has a 70 percent chance of opening.
1 trick to avoid as far as posible , if you have the lock bowler pear, while you are indoors leaving behind cross-keyed.

2 I have the lock so that you are safer high security, 3 also have the option of mounting a high security shield.



The locks already existed in ancient Egypt, and employed bolts like drums cylindrical locks modern way. The application of the inclined plane to the keys, made by Linus Yale in 1848 in the United States is one of the key inventions that have outlived their creator, and the cylindrical drum is still called Yale lock yet. The lock lever 1778 responded to the need to prevent thieves should do wax samples inside the lock and then fabricasen keys for the


Mijas locksmiths door openings and changes locks at the best price, if you call us and wefail to understand different languages, do not worry, I encourage you to enter  internet and looking for the famous translator of GOOGLE, which will break through the the language barrier.

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if you came out of house and forgot the keys from behind and her door does not open do not worry, Mijas locksmith will domiclio with the maximum speed possible to solve your problem with the least possible damage to your door.

we are profecionales of locksmithing and work daily to perfercionar the best techniques aperuras doors and increases the security of your door,


If you live in a community of neighbors and tired of seeing the door portal or community reciento open no problem, call locksmith Mijas vallejo and would solve the problem of the doors that do not close tightly.

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I tired of being at home in Mijas and have a key for every door? do not worry because we see their homes and equate all locks the same model To open all with the same key with an affordable Price.